Magic Sleeping Dust

He’s 12 weeks old and figured out how to play me. He cries, kicks & fusses during naptime. As soon as he sees me, it’s all smiles in his crib.

They say it’s supposed to get easier at 12 weeks. I for one think that’s crap. At least, I haven’t seen any “easy like Sunday mornin'” wash over this house. Every single day is a battle.

Not only was he sleeping at nighttime peacefully and for decent stretches in the Deluxe auto-rock all-is-right-in-the-world rock & play, but mama was sleeping for decent stretches at nighttime. And then he started to outgrow the rock & play. Shoot. Me. Now.

He wakes up every hour in his pack & play or crib. During the day, it’s 45 on the mark when he switches over sleep cycles. Wide. Awake.

We’ve tried everything from back to stomach to side sleeping; the Baby Shusher, crib soothers & noise machines; Summer Infant’s ComfortMe sleep sack, Halo sleepsacks (ugh don’t even get me started on how horrible those were), Zipadee Zip; Nothing comforts, surrounds our child in a halo or zipadee do dah’s our 12 week old off to a peaceful slumber. The biggest problem seems to arise when he’s starting to drift off and paci falls out of his mouth. You would think the world ended. I’m getting all the exercise I need just going back and forth to put his paci back in.

Someone needs to make a better transition between cozy rock & play and wide open flat crib. After a little Pinterest searching, I saw where someone rolled up a beach towel into a tube and fit it under the sheet in a “U” shape to surround baby in the crib better. That may be our next venture.

Before actually going through this, I was all against crying it out. But when you’ve tried everything else and he still won’t get himself to sleep, a mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do.

Babywise mama’s, sorry but that doesn’t work here. Babywearing mama’s, sorry I love wearing him but my 12 week postpardum core cannot take that all day. Cry it out, don’t let him cry; put him on a schedule, feed him on demand; What’s a mama to do?!

I’m not writing this because I found a solution, because I haven’t. He’s literally crying in the room next to me. If I pick him up to console him, he stops immediately, smiles and starts talking to me… while yawning because he’s tired. Currently, we’re trying Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. Merlin, please sprinkle a little magic sleeping dust on this house.

Any tips, mamas?


Don’t Fear the Poo

We’ve decided to cloth diaper when our little one arrives. I guess you can blame Pinterest for giving me a false sense of confidence in basically every aspect of life. We’ve gone back and forth on the topic since we first got pregnant, but we’re pretty set on trying it now. I’m not going to deny that on the surface the idea of disposable diapers sounds convenient. What’s not convenient, however, is the frequent diaper rash, endless cost for the next few years, and environmental impact on our little one’s planet.

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So what’s a mom to do when she feels guilty about disposables but frightened by the poo/ extra work? Do both. Yep, we’re going to cloth diaper while I’m home 5 days a week, and let my mom enjoy the convenient side of the coin with disposables while she watches the little man.

Long day away from the house? Yep, going disposable. Baby upset tummy (ick!), traveling, or we just missed a day of laundry… disposable it is.

I’m hoping that by not super limiting ourselves to only cloth diapers, rather flexibly mixing both as we see fit (think BabyWise approach to poo), that we will not be overwhelmed.

This is where my love of swap sites come in, but that’s a while other post. I’ve already found a great deal on 15 EUC Kawaii pocket diapers with inserts and Apple Cheeks bamboo soakers.  The seller’s advise was to try multiple brands and be flexible with it (ahem, BabyWise) as your little one grows and needs change.

Going to add in a few Thirsties Snap Duo covers, unbleached pre-folds, a Charlie Banana 2-in-1, and a BumGenius Elemental diaper. I figured I could cover the bases that way and see what works best for us: covers with prefolds, all-in-ones, pockets, and hybrid middle guys. I want to try FuzziBunz too, but Babies R Us doesn’t carry them; I like registering for things I don’t have to buy.

Any other brand suggestions? Also, I’ve read in multiple places that newborns are just too tiny to fit most cloth solutions, so we’re registering for some newborn Pampers Swaddlers.

Since we’re mixing both cloth and disposable, I think we’re sticking with Pampers sensitive wipes. That is, unless someone can convince me that washable wipes are a must too. Again, doing this for a some of the environmental guilt reasons but mostly because I’m cheap managing a budget.

Now I must go Google and figure out the diaper cream situation. I know you can’t use most diaper creams with cloth diapers, but I’d like to have some on hand. Considering this Burt’s Bee ointment and Grandma El’s. My friend is using disposables but made some homemade diaper balm that smelled heavenly.  I also personally love the Burt’s Bee Dusting Powder.

Have I convinced you yet of cloth diapering? These links really helped make my decision: